3 Innovative Ways to Utilize Chicken Blood

Even as a seasoned chicken owner, I sometimes struggle with staying sustainable and utilising everything my chickens offer me, so to help you here are some good chicken blood uses as inspiration. I’ve traversed the delightful journey of raising chickens, from the early days of awe at their pecking and scratching to the more complex challenges of ensuring their health and happiness. Today, I’d like to share a rather unconventional aspect of chicken care that might just pique your curiosity: The uses of chicken blood.

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The Dark Side of Beaks: Preventing & Treating Black Spots in Your Flock

One of my most dreaded situations has been when one of my chicken’s beaks is turning black. As an avid chicken owner with years of experience under my belt, I’ve encountered my fair share of curious situations. But perhaps one of the most puzzling was the first time I noticed one of my chickens developing a black discolouration on her beak. If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, you’re not alone. Today, I want to share my journey — from the initial shock to understanding and managing this condition.

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Cracked the Code: Why My Hen Paused After Her First Egg and How We Got Back on Track!

Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is fun

Okay, my chicken laid her first egg and then stopped. As an experienced chicken owner, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of poultry parenting with joy, curiosity, and a fair share of surprises. One of the most puzzling moments came when one of my hens, whom I’ll affectionately call Daisy, laid her first egg and then… nothing. No more eggs.

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Best Chicken Poop Sifters: Cheap+Premium+DIY

A chicken poop sifter is a coop rake, a tool used to separate chicken waste from bedding material, such as wood shavings, straw, or sand, in a chicken coop. The primary purpose of a poop sifter is to make cleaning the coop easier and more efficient, as well as to maintain a healthier environment for … Read more

Can Backyard Chickens Eat That? An Alphabetical List

Keeping backyard chickens as pets

Raising backyard chickens is not just about having fresh eggs every morning; it’s also about ensuring your feathered friends are healthy and happy. One common question among chicken owners is, “Can my chickens eat this?” To help you out, we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of various foods, along with whether or not they’re safe for your chickens, and any benefits or precautions you should be aware of.

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Ensuring Your Chickens Thrive: A Guide to Chicken Care While You’re on Vacation

A portable and playfull chicken farm

As someone who has navigated the waters of poultry care for years, I’ve learned a few tricks and tips that have made managing these delightful birds easier, even when I’m not around. Chickens, with their quirky behaviours and specific needs, become part of the family. So, naturally, ensuring they’re well taken care of in our absence is paramount.

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Guide to Growing Grass with Chickens – A Seasoned Owner’s Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a green lawn with chickens is challenging but possible with the right strategies. Frequent moving, sectioning off areas for regrowth, providing designated dust bathing areas, and balancing the number of chickens with the size of the lawn is key. Supplementing their diet to reduce grass consumption and using hardier grass varieties can also help preserve the lawn’s green appearance.

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Red Mite Alert: Protecting Your Chickens from These Tiny Predators

Have you ever noticed tiny red bugs crawling around in your chicken coop or on your pet bird? Chances are, you may be dealing with Red Mites – also known as Roost Mites. These pesky pests are a common parasite found in bird habitats, and they can cause irritation and stress for your feathered friends. … Read more