Chicken Run Balls: The Innovative Solution for Active and Happy Hens!

A golf ball can be a fake chicken egg

Picture this: a flock of vibrant, lively hens, feathers fluffed up with excitement as they peck and play with a brightly colored ball in their chicken run. Not only is it an amusing sight that’ll leave you grinning, but it also has countless benefits for your feathered friends. Chicken run balls are the innovative, fun-filled solution that turns a regular chicken run into a poultry playground

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Chickens Dying Suddenly? Reasons Why and Clues to Figure It Out (the devil is in the detail)

backyard chickens essentials

Why would a healthy chicken suddenly die? It died overnight with no symptoms… But is it common for chickens to die suddenly? It can be incredibly puzzling and disheartening to find a seemingly healthy backyard chicken suddenly deceased, especially when there were no noticeable symptoms prior to its passing.

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How to Breed Mealworms for Chicken Feed: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Tools List]

Dried Meal Worms

So I had to try this! I wanted to breed mealworms as a protein-rich feed for our backyard chickens. For most people, mealworms are just annoying pests, not very pleasant to look at. They see them only as those squishy and squirmy little crawlers that like to get into flour, cereals, or feed sacks and ruin them.

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Rooster Pecking Order Explained

If you own a flock of chickens, you may have noticed some roosters fighting. Sometimes, hens may even join in on a fight. Some chickens have left only the scraps after feeding time, having to peck around for leftovers. All of this is because of the pecking order. What is the rooster pecking order?

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First Time Baby Chicks Go Outside – Considerations And Precautions Week-By-Week

When you keep chickens, looking after new babies can be stressful. It is easier to have a hen that hatched the chicks as she will know how to look after them. She will naturally introduce them slowly to the big wide world. If you have hatched chicks in an incubator, you may be wondering when your precious brood can go outside for the first time. What precautions should you consider in keeping the chicks safe?

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