Why People Keep Chickens In Their Backyard …Really

Increasingly people prefer to keep chickens in their backyards. People who keep chickens are often asked by their neighbours and others why keep chickens. A lot of effort is required to keep chickens in their home.

This includes purchasing a chicken coop for the chicken, keeping it clean, and feeding it regularly. The chicken owner will also have to choose the right breed of chicken. Some of the advantages of keeping chicken are discussed.

Keeping Chickens For Eggs

One of the most common reasons why chicken is kept in homes is that their owners will get a steady source of fresh eggs regularly. Most of the eggs which are available in supermarkets and stores are from poultry farms. In these farms, the hens may be fed with chemicals and other additives which are not good for health.

In contrast, the pet owner has complete control over the diet of the hens he is keeping and can ensure that their diet is healthy. Though the hen owner may have to spend some money initially to purchase the hens, the money saved due to the free supply of fresh eggs will help the pet owner recover their cost.

Chicken eggs prepared for incubator

Pets For Entertainment

While there are other pets for entertainment like cats, dogs, and birds, these pets are more expensive compared to the hens. Hens also recover their cost quickly after they start laying eggs. Like other pets, each hen has its character making it unique.

Watching the chicken can be a good source of entertainment, helping the pet owner de-stress. There are also many different varieties of chicken, and colourful chickens can make the backyard more exciting. In families with children, the pet chicken can be used to keep the children busy. The children can be taught to look after the chicken, feeding, and cleaning after them.


Keeping chickens helps reduce household waste since the chickens will usually consume food scraps and other waste material. This reduces the time and effort required to recycle the waste using other methods. Additionally, chicken manure can be added to the soil, to boost and make it more fertile.

Any garden waste like lawn trimming, and leaves, can be given to the chicken. The chicken will also eat the various pests in the garden, like worms and insects. Hence you as the pet owner will not have to spend money on expensive pesticides, and the eggs will remain organic.

Some of the reasons why keep chickens at all? are discussed above. Unlike other pets which mainly provide entertainment, chicken are inexpensive. Additionally, the eggs laid by them help recover their cost quickly.

Sustainable Living

Keeping chickens contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. By producing your eggs, you’re reducing the demand for commercially farmed eggs, which often involve intensive farming practices that are not environmentally friendly. This practice supports a more circular economy, where food production is localized and less dependent on long supply chains that contribute to carbon emissions. Furthermore, by feeding chickens food scraps and garden waste, you’re minimizing the amount of waste that goes to landfills, where it would otherwise contribute to methane production, a potent greenhouse gas.

Educational Opportunities

For families with children, chickens offer invaluable hands-on educational opportunities. Children learn responsibility through daily chores such as feeding the chickens and cleaning their coop. They also learn about the lifecycle of chickens, from hatching to laying eggs, which provides practical lessons in biology that are far more engaging than textbook learning. This interaction with chickens can foster a greater appreciation for animals and an understanding of where food comes from, encouraging healthier eating habits and respect for nature.

Heres my kids helping filling an automatic chicken feeder

In summary, in addition to the benefits of having a steady supply of fresh eggs, entertainment value, reduced household waste, and organic pest control, keeping chickens also supports sustainable living and offers educational benefits. These advantages endeavour to keep chickens a rewarding experience beyond just the financial savings on grocery bills.