Holistic Approaches to Organic Poultry Farming: Beyond Chicken Feed

In the tranquil setting of my own backyard, the soft clucks of my pet chickens often serve as a gentle reminder of the intricate balance of nature. But beyond the comforting sounds and the promise of fresh eggs, there’s a deeper narrative that resonates with organic poultry farming.

It’s a story of sustainability, harmony, and working with nature rather than against it. Let’s delve into this world and explore how organic poultry farming, backed by holistic approaches, is more than just about the right chicken feed.

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Egg With A Tail? Here’s What You Need To Know

Owning chickens for commercial or domestic purposes is fun. If you have been raising egg-laying chickens for several months or years, you have probably encountered different characteristics. The eggs of one hen may differ in colour, size, and shape from others. That is why backyard poultry raising is an exciting and fun activity where you can find lots of learning.

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Vent Gleet in Chickens – Causes and Treatments Options

Vent gleet is quite common in chickens. If your chickens are facing the same, then don’t worry. I am here to explain to you all the details about this condition and how you can deal with it. To know more about the symptoms of vent gleet in chickens, its causes or what can happen if it gets severe, read on.

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Should You Ever Help a Chick Hatch? Doing More Harm Than Good?

Helpless little baby chick in hands. Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Keeping chickens as pets can be a great addition to your life and family, and like with all animals, it is essential that you know how to care for them correctly in all aspects. For some, a big part of raising chickens can be raising their chicks also, but how involved should you be when it comes time for a chick to hatch?

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Guide to Growing Grass with Chickens – A Seasoned Owner’s Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a green lawn with chickens is challenging but possible with the right strategies. Frequent moving, sectioning off areas for regrowth, providing designated dust bathing areas, and balancing the number of chickens with the size of the lawn is key. Supplementing their diet to reduce grass consumption and using hardier grass varieties can also help preserve the lawn’s green appearance.

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Optimal Sand Choices for Chicken Coops: A Veterinarian’s Guide

The presence of sand in a chicken coop is a valid concern. In the coop and run, most people utilize standard bedding products. Use straw, hay, or something similar to cover the flooring and nest boxes. Sand, on the other hand, is used by certain individuals as a flooring material.

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Chicken Eyes Under Siege: Abscesses or Pus – Identifying the Culprits

Some diseases can cause mild inflammation in the chickens but your flock will survive. Other infections can kill all of your chickens because of the severity of the disease. Coryza can kill our chickens because it can transmit from one chicken to the others. Because the pathogen can move from one chicken to another, the transmission is high.

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Yes, Chicken Can Fly: Here’s How to Keep Them Secure

Have you ever wondered if your backyard chickens could take to the skies? I remember the first time I saw one of my chickens fluttering awkwardly into the air – it was both amusing and surprising. While chickens can indeed fly, their aerial abilities are quite limited compared to birds like hawks or eagles. Chickens, … Read more

Accurate Dosage of Corid for Effective Poultry Care

Have you ever faced the heart-wrenching situation of watching your beloved chickens fall ill? Last spring, in my own backyard, I noticed my usually lively hens becoming lethargic. One by one, they started showing signs of distress. It didn’t take long for me to realize they were battling coccidiosis, a disease that can swiftly devastate … Read more