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My name is Soren, and I’m thrilled to share my lifelong passion for chickens with you. From the tender age of childhood, chickens have been an integral part of my life. They’ve been my companions, my teachers, and a source of sustenance. It’s a journey that has taught me invaluable lessons about life, care, responsibility, and the natural cycle of life and death.

As a father of two wonderful boys, I’ve always wanted to pass on these lessons to my children. I believe that teaching kids about the responsibilities of caring for living creatures is fundamental to their development. It’s not just about feeding and housing chickens; it’s about understanding the commitment required to nurture life. I aim to give my boys a hands-on education in self-sufficiency, respect for nature, and an appreciation for where our food comes from.

Feeding you backyard chickens are great fun and a powerful tool for learning
Feeding backyard chickens is a great learning experience for children

At BackyardChickenScoop.com, we’re dedicated to helping you embark on your journey with backyard chickens. Whether you’re a novice looking to start your flock or an experienced keeper seeking advanced tips, we’ve got you covered. Our website is a comprehensive resource filled with practical advice, detailed guides, and personal insights to ensure your chicken-keeping experience is as rewarding as possible.

Our mission is to create a community where knowledge and experiences are shared freely, helping everyone to grow and thrive in their backyard chicken endeavors. We cover everything from selecting the right breeds, and designing your coop, to managing the health and wellbeing of your flock.

Join us as we explore the joys of chicken keeping together. Whether it’s the excitement of collecting fresh eggs, the peace of watching your flock scratch and peck in the yard, or the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a good life for these fascinating creatures, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for visiting BackyardChickenScoop.com. Let’s embark on this wonderful journey together.

Warmly, Soren