Best Chicken Poop Sifters: Cheap+Premium+DIY

A chicken poop sifter is a coop rake, a tool used to separate chicken waste from bedding material, such as wood shavings, straw, or sand, in a chicken coop. The primary purpose of a poop sifter is to make cleaning the coop easier and more efficient, as well as to maintain a healthier environment for the chickens.

The device typically consists of a frame with a mesh or grid at the bottom. The size of the openings in the mesh is crucial; they must be small enough to allow the bedding material to fall through while retaining the larger pieces of waste. Some chicken poop sifters are manual, requiring the user to shovel the bedding onto the sifter and then shake or move it to separate the waste. Others are automatic or semi-automatic, using mechanical means to facilitate the separation process.

By using a chicken poop sifter, I can reduce the amount of bedding material that is wasted and ensure that the coop remains clean, which is essential for preventing disease and maintaining the health of the chickens. Additionally, the separated waste can be collected and composted, providing an excellent source of organic fertilizer for gardens.

Cheap Option: Metal Chicken Poop Scooper

As a passionate advocate for creating a comfortable and hygienic environment for our feathered friends, I’ve always looked for tools that simplify the cleaning process and ensure the well-being of my chickens.

See scoop prices on Amazon…

See scoop prices on Amazon…

An adjustable chicken coop scooper has been a game-changer in maintaining my coop. It’s not just another tool; it’s an essential accessory that has made a significant difference in the way I care for my coop. With its adjustable length, ranging from 21 to 40 inches, it offers flexibility and ease of use that I hadn’t found in other products. This feature is convenient, allowing me to easily reach under roosting bars or clean top deck areas without the strain on my back. It’s a relief to say goodbye to the back pain that used to accompany coop cleaning sessions.

The deep and spacious shovel, designed with a special hollow at the bottom, effortlessly separates poo and debris from the bedding, minimizing waste and ensuring a thorough cleaning. This design detail ensures that each scoop is effective, leaving no residue or blind spots, which is crucial for a healthy chicken environment.

Made from durable aluminium alloy, this tool is not only lightweight but also sturdy, offering a comfortable grip and ease of manoeuvrability that surpasses the standard stainless steel or iron shovels. The durability of this scooper means it’s built to last, making it a wise investment for any chicken keeper.

Moreover, the ease of cleaning this tool is another feature I appreciate. The detachable shovel design prevents rusting and ensures that cleaning the scooper itself is as simple as pressing the buttons on either side of the connected part.

Remember, maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our chickens doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. With the right tools, it can be a straightforward and even enjoyable part of our routine, ensuring our chickens are happy, healthy, and thriving.

See scoop prices on Amazon…

See scoop prices on Amazon…


Premium Option: Evcitn Sand Rake

In my quest to keep my chicken coop clean and comfortable for my chickens, I’ve experimented with various tools and methods. However, one product has stood out for its effectiveness and ease of use: the Evcitn Sand Flea Rake Pro. Though originally designed for collecting sand fleas, I’ve found it incredibly useful for maintaining my chicken coop.

See rake prices on Amazon here…

See rake prices on Amazon here…

The rake’s 55-inch ergonomic handle is a game-changer. It allows me to reach all corners of the coop without straining my back, which is crucial for me, as I spend a significant amount of time ensuring my coop is in top condition. The large 16-inch basket with sharp teeth is perfect for sifting through the coop bedding, easily separating waste from the sand or other bedding materials I use.

The rake is made from aluminium, which is both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. This makes it easy to handle and ensures it withstands the often harsh conditions of a chicken coop. The ergonomic design of the handle not only protects my back from strain but also makes the cleaning process more efficient and less tiresome.

What sets this tool apart for me is its perfect welding process, which ensures a smooth and beautiful surface. This provides a comfortable grip, reducing the risk of injury to my hands during use. Additionally, the rake comes with a small hourglass spoon, which I’ve found useful for collecting smaller pieces of debris that the rake might miss.

Using the Evcitn Sand Flea Rake Pro in my chicken coop has not only improved the cleanliness of the environment but has also made the task of maintaining it far more manageable. Its design, durability, and functionality align perfectly with the needs of chicken coop maintenance, proving that sometimes, the best tools for a job aren’t always the most obvious ones.

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DIY Option

Cabin Creek Homestead has made a unique project: Transforming a perfectly fine shovel into a customized sifting tool by drilling numerous holes into it. The reason behind this innovation stems from our barn’s upper floor, which is covered with sand. Despite experimenting with various bedding materials like pine shavings, pine pellets, and straw, she found sand to be the most efficient for maintaining cleanliness. However, finding a sifting shovel suitable for our needs proved challenging, as most were either sold out or on backorder.

Inspired by a creative individual on TikTok, who modified a heavy-duty plastic shovel by adding holes, she decided to replicate this ingenious solution. Her goal was to create a tool that could sift through the sand, separating goat and chicken droppings, which she then composted to fertilize our gardens. With careful measurement, she chose a drill bit just smaller than the size of goat droppings to ensure efficient sifting.

After an initial trial, it was evident that more holes were needed for the shovel to function effectively. The sand tended to accumulate in the shovel’s centre due to its natural holding angle, necessitating a second round of drilling to increase efficiency. Despite her efforts to add what I thought was an excessive number of holes, it became clear that even more were needed to speed up the cleaning process.

After several attempts and modifications, the shovel now resembles Swiss cheese but significantly improves our ability to keep the barn clean. Although a commercially produced sifting shovel might look more professional, the functionality and effectiveness of my DIY solution are exactly what she needed. In hindsight, starting with a larger drill bit and creating about 100 holes from the get-go would have saved time and effort.

I’m satisfied with the outcome of her Swiss cheese shovel idea. It’s not about aesthetics during our busiest seasons; it’s about efficiency and practicality. If you’re considering a similar DIY project for your homestead, I recommend using a larger drill bit right away and aiming for a generous number of holes to avoid multiple adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What helps break down chicken poop?

Adding carbon-rich materials like straw, wood shavings, or leaves to the chicken coop helps in breaking down chicken poop by balancing nitrogen levels and enhancing composting. Regularly turning the bedding material can also accelerate decomposition by introducing oxygen, which supports the activity of composting microbes.

What kills the smell of chicken poop?

Maintaining proper coop cleanliness, including regular removal of waste and changing bedding, effectively reduces odour. Using lime (specifically agricultural lime) can neutralize odours by raising the pH level, which also helps in drying out the bedding. Ensuring good ventilation within the coop also helps in minimizing odours by removing ammonia gases.

Can I sprinkle baking soda in my chicken coop?

Yes, you can sprinkle baking soda in your chicken coop. It acts as a natural odour neutralizer by absorbing moisture and reducing the ammonia smell from chicken waste. However, it should be used sparingly to avoid altering the coop’s pH levels too drastically and to ensure it does not irritate the chickens’ respiratory systems.

What is toxic in chicken poop?

Chicken poop contains harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, which are toxic to humans if ingested or not handled properly. Additionally, chicken poop produces ammonia when breaking down, which in high concentrations can be toxic to both chickens and humans, leading to respiratory issues and other health problems.