Automatic Chicken Feeders – The complete buyers guide

An automatic chicken feeder is utterly convenient for all the reasons. If you are away from home, you rest assured that your chickens won’t miss a meal. Plus, you can measure the amount your chickens eat. Then, the question pops in how do you choose the ultimate product?

Well, here are insights to guide you to pick the ultimate one. But first, let’s look at how chicken feeders will benefit you.

I consider an automatic chickens feeder to be one of the essential tools you need in your chicken coop. If you want to check if you have everything, you can check out my coop essential tools list here…


Benefits of automatic feeder

To begin with, chicken feeders provide constantly fresh food to your flock. Thus, they will not feed on stale food that might be dangerous. Again, the feed comes in good potions. For this reason, they will lay eggs and grow healthy each day.

An automatic pet feeder wards off any spillages. Owing to that, the feed will not be wasted by the chickens. You will cut down considerably on the cost of buying their food regularly. What’s more, there will be no vermin that wait to take advantage of the spilled food.

Additionally, the chicken feeders keep the place clean at all times. Backyard chickens will consume food all at once. You can say goodbye to any maintenance expenses since they don’t have any.


What do you factor in when buying chicken feeders?


Intuitive operation

You need to consider the operation of the automatic chicken feeder. Is it easy to operate and how does it dispense the feed? You should be able to use it with sheer simplicity. It should be friendly to the hens as well. This way when you train them, they will master the steps quickly.


Number of chickens

When buying the product, the number of the flock that you own is vital. This will give you a clear idea of the size that you need. Hence, they will not crowd the feeding areas. You have to ensure that when you are not around, all of them feed adequately.



The market is full of chicken feeders that come at diverse costs. Your budget determines the type of product that you will buy. You can stick to your budget and buy an effective feeder. You don’t have to over-spend to get a splendid one. Look for one that is within your budget.


Water resistance

If you intend to place it outside, you need a waterproof feeder. This prevents any liquid from getting into the chicken feeders. The feed will be dry and fresh all day long. The chicken will enjoy their food while you are away on vacation.


Bottom line

Accordingly, if you travel conventionally you can buy an automatic chicken feeder. You will be at peace knowing that your backyard chickens are well-fed. They work relentlessly well and won’t malfunction. When it comes to quality, most of them are top-notch. Get one today and experience the impeccable convenience.

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Some of the best rated automatic feeds go for about 100 $, but you can get them as low as 20 $. And way higher if you want the steel one. Check out the current prices at Amazone here… (not an affiliate link)