Chicken breeds with feathered feet

Chickens are one of the most loving pets. These birds are easy to handle and can offer many benefits. You can train them to obey your instructions and to act as loyal pets. These intelligent creatures can find their way home and return to the coops on their own.

They can also protect themselves in harsh situations when well-trained. However, you will have to choose the right breed to make the handling even easier.

Different types of chicken breeds are available for domestication. Chicken breeds with feathered feet are one of them. Many of these breeds have their origin in Asia. When some of them have feathers all over their legs, other breeds’ feet are feathered.

These breeds look amazing and can be your best bird pet. They are similar to other chickens. However, the feathers on their feet or legs give them a distinct look and can easily separate them from other types of chickens.

You will find many options in chicken breeds with feathered feet. All of them come with a unique look. The size will also vary. If you are interested in these types of chickens, then you will have to first understand different types and their specific qualities. Once you know their unique nature, it will be easier for you to choose the right breed. Needless to mention, most of them can be your favourite bird pet.

What kind of chickens has feathers on their feet?

Feathery feet chicken breeds are popular across. They are known for their best personalities and different characteristics. Different characteristics mean they will have feathers on their leg and feet. They are calm, gentle, and easy to handle. These breeds are not rare and are easily accessible as well.

The feathered feet hens are considered the best for young kids. Some of the popular feathered feet chickens are Brahma, Cochin, Faverolle, Belgium D’Uccle, Sultan, Silkie, Pekin, French Wheaten Maran, and Langshan.


Many of these breeds are renowned among bird pet owners. But the most popular one is Brahma. This breed is very calm, incredibly friendly, and peace-loving. They will not create any noise. If you have kids, they will love to be surrounded by the Brahma breed. These are reliable, huggable, and good sitters. As they will not create noise, your neighbours are going to love them. Their eggs are smaller than other breeds. They lay eggs in the winter.


If you are looking for a sweet personality and a very friendly bird pet, you can consider the Cochin breed. However, this breed is not known as the best layers. But they can be the best mothers. This breed originated in China and is popular in America and Europe. These are large and look great. They do not need much maintenance. Pet owners find them worth spending for their agreeable disposition. They are very friendly and calm to humans.

They are not demanding and home-loving as well. They might wait for you outside to accompany you to the home. Their feathers are thick and protect them in colder temperatures. But you might not like their large brown eggs. These eggs are thin-shelled and can break during the incubation due to the weight of the chicken.


Among all these breeds, the sultan breed is very fancy. However, this breed is a poor egg layer. The eggs are too small to eat. This breed can be best if you are looking for a docile, friendly, and adjustable feathered feet chicken. They can be great for your young kids. This breed is gentle and super easy to handle. You will love their exotic plumage that has a pouffe chest and a beard with leg feathers. Sultan breed has five toes while most breeds have four toes only.


Silkie is one of the most favourite backyard hens. This breed has black to dark blue skin. Like the previous one, it also has five toes on each foot. Silkie is prone to broodiness and is also known as a good mother. You will love the strands on their feather quills sides. They look like clinging together smoothly. The beautiful feathers make this breed resemble the walking dandelions.

Belgium D’Uccle

Belgium D’Uccle is a beautiful and friendly feet-feathered chicken breed that loves human company. This type is also known as the bearded breed. The French Wheaten Maran breed has feathers on its legs. These are calm, quiet, and hardy and prefer to stay in a confinement. The same is about the Longshan breed.

This breed is prone to broodiness and has a very upright body. They are elegant, sweet, non-aggressive, and have great layers. Another less popular breed is Pekin. This is of Chinese origin and is also known as the bantam. Pekin breed is gentle and docile and can be the best family pet.

Why does my chicken have feathers on its feet?

Some chicken breeds come with feathered feet. These are the most popular types due to their friendly nature and non-aggressive behaviour. Some of them also look elegant and can be the perfect family birds. They will love your company and can be the best companion for your kids. All of them look like a chicken with a few differences. The key difference is the feather on their legs and feet. Though these feathers look great and amazing, they pose many challenges to your little friend.

These feathers on their feet cause leg mites. Mites can easily hide in the feathers making it difficult both for humans and hens to figure out their presence. If your backyard is dusty or muddy and your chicken is free-ranging, then your pet might have muddy legs and that can make the coop dirty.

So, you will have to avoid mud and similar things while considering feathered feet chickens. You can use the grass or concrete surface for the roaming of your bird pet. The wet feathers can also cause cold and other health complications. Some chickens start to peck their feathers out of boredom.

Wrapping up

Chicken breeds with feathered feet can be the best homebodies since most of them like human company. They normally prefer to stick close to the coop or home, unlike the other hens. Other breeds prefer to roam around the neighbourhood. Feathered feet chickens are calm, peace-loving, non-aggressive, and friendly.