Chicken eggs layers FAQ: How often, what time and more

Chicken laying eggs on the ground

Like all other animals and birds, hens, too, like to raise their families and live with them. In the wild, they have all the freedom and time to lead their lives like any other ordinary bird. There is enough food that makes sure their bodies are fit and strong to go through the painful process of laying eggs.

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Is owning chickens worth it and cost-effective?

Eggs in a tray - Are the okay for vegans?

One of the first questions people ask me when they hear I have a flock of chickens in my backyard is, “Are backyard chickens worth it?” Here are some other questions that I am asked and a number of reasons I give people who ask me.

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Are Chickens Too Noisy to Keep in the Backyard?

Are chicks noisy?

There are few things more satisfying than keeping your own chickens in your backyard and reaping the fresh eggs that they make every day. Not only are they delicious but hens (female chickens) are very friendly, outgoing and usually happy to be allowed to roam, which makes them a joy to keep.

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How to Raise Baby Chicks

Raising baby backyard chickens is great fun

Raising backyard chickens has grown in popularity in recent years. And I think it’s fun. Perhaps you want to raise your own baby chicks, rather than buying mature hens. Caring for baby chicks need not be difficult or elaborate. You do not need a farm to have chickens. Read on for how to raise baby chicks in your backyard.

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