Best Chicken Poop Sifters: Cheap+Premium+DIY

A chicken poop sifter is a coop rake, a tool used to separate chicken waste from bedding material, such as wood shavings, straw, or sand, in a chicken coop. The primary purpose of a poop sifter is to make cleaning the coop easier and more efficient, as well as to maintain a healthier environment for … Read more

How Many Backyard Chickens Should I Get? 1, 2, 3, 4…? How Many Are Just Right?

One of my chickens has worms

Can I get backyard chickens? How many backyard chickens should I get? Is it ok to start with a minimal number? So, you are planning to raise backyard chickens. But you are confused about the number and other requirements. I understand your confusion. In this article, we will help you to address all your queries so that you can decide with a well-informed mind.

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Are Chickens Allowed In My City? Chicken Laws of Selected US States

Please note: I’m a chicken owner. Not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.

Many people are beginning to see the appeal of backyard chickens. Not only do these animals provide fresh eggs, but they can also make fun pets. However, owning a chicken is very different from owning a dog or a cat. Not only are they a bigger commitment than the average pet, but they aren’t necessarily allowed all over the United States.

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Why do chickens need light to lay eggs?

Chicken laying eggs on the ground

Having chickens in your backyard can be a real blessing, especially if you like collecting fresh eggs. However, the issue of how much light is needed to have effective egg laying is always a big question. Take your time and review the top FAQ about why do chickens need light to lay eggs.

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