Why do chickens need light to lay eggs?

Chicken laying eggs on the ground

Having chickens in your backyard can be a real blessing, especially if you like collecting fresh eggs. However, the issue of how much light is needed to have effective egg laying is always a big question. Take your time and review the top FAQ about why do chickens need light to lay eggs.

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How to make inspiring and funny chicken coops

Chickens are social creatures and can be amazing pets. You might love them having around since they do not cause a little trouble for you. All you need is to create a safe haven for your tiny friends so that they can relax and enjoy their privacy without any disturbance. When it comes to privacy, a chicken coop will first come to your mind.

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Chicken food: What to feed your feathers friends in the backyard

Heres my kids helping filling an automatic chicken feeder

When I started out I actually stressed over if I was buying the right food for my chickens. If you have space in your backyard, rearing chickens is an excellent idea! While having a chicken for a pet is always an option, some of us have chickens for food. One of the main reasons for rearing our own chickens is that we control what they are fed.

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What do I need to have chickens? – This vet’s essential guide

backyard chickens essentials

Raising chickens at home can be lots of fun, getting fresh eggs daily can be a real bonus, and chickens can make pretty fun pets. But there are some things to think about. What do you need to be able to safely raise chickens? What do they need to be the happiest, healthiest, chickens they can be? This article gets into all of that and more!

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Natural methods to control flies in your backyard chicken coop

Fly in chicken coop

Do you have a fly problem in your backyard chicken coop? Flies carry many nasty diseases and love to make a pest of themselves, so keeping them under control is always a concern. Unfortunately, most of the commercial methods of fly control make use of unpleasant chemicals that may not do much for the health of your chickens. Here are some natural solutions and a few bits of useful advice to help you keep your fly issues under control.

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Why Do Chickens Need Dirt?

A chicken roaming in a dust bath

Having pets needs a little compromise to accommodate them. Cats and dogs are a bit cleaner compared to chickens and ducks. A dust bath is what your chicken needs for its well-being. This means you need to have some dirt in your backyard, just for your chicken.

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The pros of a portable chicken coop

A portable and playfull chicken farm

If you live in an urban area, a portable chicken coop might be your best option, where these cages can be placed from one location to another to fertilize the yard. The chickens can also enjoy their own and feed on weeds and insects, along with other insects in different places as you move your barn. This gives your chicken a lot of freedom as well.

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Chicken Coop Nests: The basics you’ll need to know

Chicken walkning into her nesting box

Chicken coop nests are probably the most essential component of a chicken coop. Therefore one of the first things you will need to have en place is the nests for your chicken coop. As chickens start using nests when they are about 17 weeks old, they will need them quickly.

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