Answers to 4 slightly off-topic questions about chickens

Do you own chickens? If yes, then you will know that they are a little different from other pet animals. In this article, we will be talking about some of the most off-topic questions regarding chickens.

Do chickens go pee?

One of the strangest questions that some people have is, ‘do chickens go pee’? Well, the simple and short answer to this question is yes, they go. However, it is true that except for ostrich, birds do not have an external urethral opening or urinary bladder, that’s why they don’t pee like mammals. There is a myth that chickens or birds urinate through their skin, which is completely illogical.

Some of you may know that chickens are a member of the fowl species, and due to this, they produce uric acid instead of producing liquid urine (pee) to dispose of waste. In other words, unlike mammals, chicken kidneys do not process and concentrate the urea into the urine instead they process it into a whitish solid. This is the reason why you never see chicken peeing.

If you see the chicken poop, then you will notice a white layer on the droppings. To pass out the urine and faeces in a single motion, they mix the undigested food with all their excreted waste. That’s why it is also said that chicken poo is a combination of waste. Now some of you might be thinking that if chickens don’t have a bladder, then how do they urinate. Well, chickens and all the other birds except ostrich have Cloaca. It is a versatile multi-purpose opening that chickens use to dispose of waste.

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Do chickens fart?

As you know that farting is a natural process and just like other animals or living creatures, chickens do fart. Farting is a normal biological process and it is very important to pass unwanted gas. However, farts are a sign of healthy digestion, but if you notice that your chicken is farting abnormally or way too much, then you must take this issue into consideration. For example, if the smell of the fart is too strong, then it is an indication that the chicken is having some health issues and you should do something about it.

As mentioned above that the main purpose of farting is to remove the excess air stored in the system. Though in most cases, farting is completely healthy and you should not be worried about your chicken’s health. There are many factors that cause air to be trapped in the system or body. One of the most common causes is the swallowing of air. Another one is the digestion of certain foods. This is very normal and it also happens with humans and you can expect this in all other animals. Though if your chicken is farting excessively, then you can do some things to manage their farts.

Most times farts are the result of bad foods, you should invest in the right foods. One thing you have to keep in mind is that not all chicken foods are created equal, some are made of better quality ingredients. Though they will be more expensive if you look at the wider picture, they are worth the money. Good foods won’t only reduce your chicken’s farts but they will also provide them with the required nutrients to make their health better. The only thing you have to keep in mind is buying chicken food from a company that has been in the business for a long time and is known for providing quality products. Hope this will clear your queries regarding do chickens fart.

Which foods should be avoided?

So we have talked about farting and it will be incomplete if we don’t talk about the foods that you should not feed your chickens. According to different researches, foods that are made from canola seeds and soya beans can be slightly heavy for the chicken’s digestive system and can cause different types of stomach related problems including excessive farting. There are also other foods such as kidney beans that can cause bloating and gas. In short, too many legumes can lead to digestive problems and they should be avoided.

Apart from this, some chicken owners say that spicy foods are also not good and everyone should keep their chickens away from eating them. Now after discussing the foods, it’s time to spread some light on the ways that you can use to manage the excessive gas in chickens. As mentioned above, the first thing is very clear that you should invest in quality foods. Another great way that can help you deal with farts smell is by getting good quality bedding. It won’t only help you with the strong farts smell but it will also help you tackle the problem of their waste.

Do chickens have periods?

Do Chickens Have Periods? Yes, chickens have periods. Just like women, chickens also have ovaries – or they only have one rather. They also have a hormonal cycle, which can be during certain periods in a year, but healthy chickens don’t bleed as human women do. During the cycle, the ovary passes a yolk on its way. The egg white that we use in our daily lives is formed by this yolk. It moves into a shell gland via the reproductive tract. The shell generally takes 21 hours to form and then the egg pops out. Thus the egg is not fertilized, it doesn’t develop into a chick.

Do chickens have balls (or do roosters)?

Some people have the question, do chickens have balls? Well you have to understand that male chicken is called a rooster and yes, they have balls, but they are located in the abdomen and are therefore not visible from the outside. Though some people say that they don’t but they have. The main reason behind this confusion is that the eggs are located slightly above or you can say they are inside the abdominal reign. In simple words, the eggs are inside them and they can only eject the sperm from their insides.

This is not only in roosters, most male birds have balls but they cannot be felt or seen from the outside. However, the testes size changes accordingly, sometimes it shrinks and sometimes it grows but it becomes bigger during the mating.