Black Spots on Chicken Comb: 7 Reasons and How to Investigate

Recently I discovered one of our girls had a couple of black spots on the chicken comb, so I called up our vet once again and get some reason I will bring to you in this article. Black spots aren’t a disease in chickens I learned. Rather, it is a symptom that your chicken is suffering from severe health issues. Being a chicken keeper, my primary duty is to keep my birds healthy. I check them every day to ensure they look active and comfortable. One of the best things about a chicken that I love most is the comb. It’s an important part of their body. And, is an indicator of your chicken’s health condition.

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How do chickens get pregnant? (Hint: They don’t) all about “chicken pregnancy” – witch actually is something completely different

A rooster does not get chickens pregnant but they fertilize the eggs

If you’ve ever lived on a farm you might know the answer to this next question (or you might not); do chickens get pregnant? It’s a question that many have pondered for a very long time because, if you look at most animals, they do get pregnant and they do have babies. But chickens lay eggs all the time that don’t turn into baby chicks, which leaves many a person confused, especially people who want to purchase chickens to keep at home and lay eggs for them as food.

In this article, Do Chickens Get Pregnant?¬†we’ll take a look at this conundrum and try to answer that question along with several others. We might not be able to tell you which came first, the chicken or the egg, but we will definitely tell you how hens make eggs, and how roosters are involved in the process, so read on and enjoy!

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