5 reasons for black spots on the comb and how to investigate

Being a chicken keeper, my primary duty is to keep my birds healthy. I check them every day to ensure they look active and comfortable. One of the best things about a chicken that I love most is the comb. It’s an important part of their body. And, is an indicator of your chicken’s health condition.

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Pee, urinate, or not at all? What do chickens actually do?

Chickens are fascinating animals to study because they can be used as an example of many different things in biology. They are also one of the most popular pets around the world. In this article, I will elaborate on how chickens behave when it comes to pooping and peeing.

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Anatomy of a chicken egg: Everything you need to know

An egg in my hand to study anatomy

Keeping chickens in a coop in your backyard is a wonderful way to get fresh eggs every day. Since you feed and keep the chickens you can be 100% certain that they have been fed natural, chemical-free feed. Plus, they say happy chickens lay better eggs, and chickens raised in a home coop are usually very happy and content.

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Why do chicken eggs need to be turned in an incubator?

Chicken eggs prepared for incubator

Turning the eggs in your incubator is one of the most important parts of incubating. Hatch rate can significantly decrease if you do not properly invest in the time to turn your eggs every day for the first two weeks or so of incubation

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