Chicken Run Balls: The Innovative Solution for Active and Happy Hens!

A golf ball can be a fake chicken egg

Picture this: a flock of vibrant, lively hens, feathers fluffed up with excitement as they peck and play with a brightly colored ball in their chicken run. Not only is it an amusing sight that’ll leave you grinning, but it also has countless benefits for your feathered friends. Chicken run balls are the innovative, fun-filled solution that turns a regular chicken run into a poultry playground

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Black Spots on Chicken Comb: 7 Reasons and How to Investigate

Recently I discovered one of our girls had a couple of black spots on the chicken comb, so I called up our vet once again and get some reason I will bring to you in this article. Black spots aren’t a disease in chickens I learned. Rather, it is a symptom that your chicken is suffering from severe health issues. Being a chicken keeper, my primary duty is to keep my birds healthy. I check them every day to ensure they look active and comfortable. One of the best things about a chicken that I love most is the comb. It’s an important part of their body. And, is an indicator of your chicken’s health condition.

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Chickens Dying Suddenly? Reasons Why and Clues to Figure It Out (the devil is in the detail)

backyard chickens essentials

Why would a healthy chicken suddenly die? It died overnight with no symptoms… But is it common for chickens to die suddenly? It can be incredibly puzzling and disheartening to find a seemingly healthy backyard chicken suddenly deceased, especially when there were no noticeable symptoms prior to its passing.

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How to Breed Mealworms for Chicken Feed: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Tools List]

Dried Meal Worms

So I had to try this! I wanted to breed mealworms as a protein-rich feed for our backyard chickens. For most people, mealworms are just annoying pests, not very pleasant to look at. They see them only as those squishy and squirmy little crawlers that like to get into flour, cereals, or feed sacks and ruin them.

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Backyard Chickens Lifespan Guide: Factors Affecting Longevity and How To Maximizing It

A chicken roaming in a dust bath

So I asked our veterinarian: How long do chickens live? And how can we keep them for longer? Keeping chickens in the backyard and making them part of the family is becoming more and more popular. However, like with all pets, the hardest part is knowing that one day you will have to say goodbye. Therefore, it really helps to know how long you can expect your beloved chickens to live and how to help them as much as you can. Read on for all the information you need on this topic.

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Chicken Food: What to Feed Your Feathers Friends in the Backyard

Heres my kids helping filling an automatic chicken feeder

When I started out I actually stressed over if I was buying the right food for my chickens. If you have space in your backyard, rearing chickens is an excellent idea! While having a chicken for a pet is always an option, some of us have chickens for food. One of the main reasons for rearing our own chickens is that we control what they are fed.

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How Long Does It Take For Hens To Establish A Pecking Order?

In this article, we are looking at how long it takes for hens to establish a pecking order. Chickens are social creatures that prefer to live in flocks. Like people and most other social animals, politics comes into play. Each one wants to be considered more important and get the best food and sleeping spot. This behaviour is natural and will occur whether you have ten hens or one hundred.

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Can all chicken be organic? [explained] + breed suggestions

Two backyard chickens roaming

Most of the chicken products that end up on tables come from large farms whose sole goal is to produce as much as possible. To meet the ever-increasing demand, these establishments did everything to raise productivity. At the same time, they try to do it at the lowest cost.

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