DIY incubator for chicken eggs

The environmental benefits of organic chicken farming and the financial rewards and enjoyment that come with it make it a remarkable life and career choice. The question is, though, can all chicken breeds be organic? Some species of animals are more suited to organic farming since they have been selected for the unique features that they bring to the table in the field of agriculture. 

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Can all chicken be organic? [explained] + breed suggestions

Two backyard chickens roaming

Most of the chicken products that end up on tables come from large farms whose sole goal is to produce as much as possible. To meet the ever-increasing demand, these establishments did everything to raise productivity. At the same time, they try to do it at the lowest cost.

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How chickens lay eggs without a rooster – Do they need him?

A big beautiful rooster

A rooster is not required for your chickens to lay eggs. Your hens will lay as much as eggs with or without a rooster around. However, a rooster is required to fertilize the eggs, and get chicks. If you are not looking for baby chickens and want to keep the chickens for eggs only, you have to keep the hens well fed.

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Can You Shoot a Chicken in the Head?

A chicken shooter with a rifle over his shoulder. Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

Raising chickens for home consumption is a must for every homeowner that decided to stay off-grid. However, things can get quite tricky when it comes to slaughtering them for meat. Hence, most people would usually choose to use a pellet gun to kill them quickly without having to deal with the blood of the chickens.

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